From the Court to the Track: Christian Campbell Profile



You may know junior Christian Campbell as a Hamilton basketball star but little did you know he also runs track for Hamilton High School.

“Running track for the first time was nerve-wracking,” said Christian. He said he wanted to run track to better himself emotionally and physically. He uses track as motivation and tells himself, “Running track will help me out and can only lead to a positive outcome in the future.” 

Christian runs the 100m and 200m events. Those will be the specific distances that he plans on focusing on this year and just keeping his mindset on aiming to get a better time in those races. Does Christian have a heart for the sport, or is it just a way to pass the time? He states, “I enjoy running sometimes.” 

Even though it is his first year running track, Christian has already run several marathons. His friends encouraged him to join the track team. “I now think of my friends as brothers and great teammates,” Christian said.

One of these friends, Gabriel, said Christian has grown a lot as a runner. “Since it’s Christian’s first time running track, there is room for a lot of improvement, but overall Christian is a great runner, along with being a great teammate, who is always cheering for his teammates.”