Rare Sights at the Porsche Santa Clarita Cars and Coffee

Porsche of Santa Clarita hosted their second Cars and Coffee of the year in February. It was Valentine’s Day themed for the event, so they showcased their popular color option Ruby Red. It’s a very bright color in the light but very dark in the shade. It isn’t one of my favorite color options from Porsche, but their color options are great and never fail to impress the human eye. 

For most of the event, I spent time walking around looking at all the other cars that people brought. For example, this Mugen Spec Honda s2000 was one of many cool cars that were there. Everything on it was done right; no corners were cut. It was obvious that someone took their time to fit this amazing body kit perfectly. It was a pretty rare car to see, since there aren’t many s2000 left in LA. Most of them are either track cars or show cars. Most of them don’t even leave the garage now since they went up in value during the pandemic. So seeing an s2000 in this condition was cool, but seeing it with a full Mugen kit was amazing.

Another car that caught my attention was this Saab 900 AERO Turbo. It’s another car you don’t see at all now and is an underrated car in the community. They were successful during their racing era back when they were produced. It was definitely a nice car to be able to see in person. Once I walked around the parking lot and saw all the cars, I made my way back toward the front of the dealership and saw the showcased ruby red Porsche. 

The car that caught my eye the most was the Porsche 944 Cabriolet. The only reason why I put all my attention to this car was that I own a 944 myself. I always like to see other 944s and get inspiration from others. I wasn’t able to find Magnus Walker’s Porsche 911 (277 911) but it turns out it was beneath the dealership, in their personal underground museum. I was able to catch him before he left and took pictures of his signature Porsche 911, also called the 277 911. The car is well put together and gives off that old-school hotrod Porsche looks with the mismatched bumpers and hood. The show was definitely worth the 30-minute drive, and I was able to see amazing cars built by different people. 

There was definitely diversity at this Cars and Coffee. It wasn’t all Porsches like the usual Cars and Coffees I go to. If you’re looking to go out and drive and spend your Saturday morning looking at amazing cars, Porsche of Santa Clarita is the place to go. Their next Cars and Coffee will be Saturday at 9, and the event is usually held monthly.