California’s rainy days are not over yet


Diego Chavez Cortez

The view on a rainy day from the second floor of the A Building.

California is currently going through a winter storm.

For the past two weeks, the state has experienced a tremendous amount of rain, and some parts of California even experienced snow. Many students from Hamilton went back home to a completely dark place Friday night, February 24. They had a power outage in their neighborhoods.

“My power was out for about 30 hours,” said Luis Hernandez, a 12th grader in SAS. The day before, it was raining hail. Everyone was excited about this very rare moment that took place.

Many consider the recent rain to be a gift to California. “My favorite thing about the rain is that it brings so many unexpected events, which gives everyone a story to tell when they come to school. It brings people together,” said Axell Hernandez, a 12th grader in AMPA. The U.S. Drought Monitor moved all of California out of the exceptional and extreme drought categories, and some parts of California are no longer considered to be in a drought. This is progress, and California could be on the way to move completely out of the drought category.

Hamilton was hit with an extensive amount of rain. So much so that students named a huge puddle that forms on the quad “Lake Hamilton.” Caution tape surrounds the area to ensure that students do not pass through the puddle and get their shoes wet.

A small glimpse of Lake Hamilton forming during a rainy day (Arisa)

The storms are not over yet. According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, March will experience many more rainy days. Even though the recent rain is a great thing for California, it does make things a little harder for most of us that aren’t used to the rain. “I think the rain is really calming while in class, but it is annoying when trying to go to another class and it makes it hard to walk home,” said Ebony Trapp, a 10th grader in AMPA.

Hamilton students should start taking out those umbrellas and prepare for the rain storm.

For more information on the upcoming weather, check out The Weather Channel.