Blake Higgins: A look back and a glance forward


Aiden Hibbert

Blake Higgins, wearing the green 28 jersey, counterattacks in a home game against Venice.

Senior Blake Higgins’ dream, like many other high school soccer athletes, is to play for Barcelona FC. He currently plays varsity soccer for Hamilton. He said this season “felt great,” even with the loss from the championship game still fresh.

“I wish the team went all the way to winning championships, or even going as far as winning state for my last year,” Blake said.

Blake plays the position of a forward, which is an outfield position, known for scoring goals and assists.

“I’m going to miss playing here,” he said. “Out on the field, it felt like playing with my friends while enjoying my time.”

His called his teammates “like his family,” and added that he “built strong connections with them and the coach.” The Hamilton varsity soccer team ended the season with hardly any losses and a high scoring average. Blake recalled,“My greatest memory from this season was when I scored a free kick against Uni.”

His teammate Christian Garcia said he always enjoyed playing against Blake during practice. “Blake was a great teammate and a great soccer player,” Christian said.

It’s always been Blake’s interest to play soccer. His father started to teach him when he was five. For his current future plans, he plans to start his career by playing college soccer and then eventually going pro. “I want to go to Penn State and play there,” Blake said. “I have friends who graduated from Hami that are over there.” In the meantime, Blake plays club soccer as he prepares for college soccer so he can go in confident that he will make the team.