Diego Ceniceros works on his logo, which was selected as a finalist in the competition.
Diego Ceniceros works on his logo, which was selected as a finalist in the competition.
Julie Vasquez

Hami Students Show Off Their Designs in the Fancy Cleaner’s Fancy Logo Competition

Hamilton’s Graphic Design Pathway is an experience where many students are able to dabble in working with graphic design for different assignments. The newest assignment for the students in the program is the Fancy Cleaners logo competition. Fancy Cleaners is a local dry cleaning business that is currently undergoing new management. With a change in management, Fancy Cleaners yearned for a brand-new logo. 

When the people at Fancy Cleaners heard about Hamilton’s Graphic Design pathway, they approached CAA graphic design teacher Ms. Lujan to ask if her students would be interested in designing a logo for their business. This became a voting competition where customers used a QR code to pick the logos they favored and the top three students earned a cash prize. 

 This competition worked as an opportunity for participants to have their work seen. Voting ended on December 10th and the winners were announced on December 11th. Designs were created by students Brandon Cordova, Isaac Gutierrez Bautista, Lidia Garcia Hernandez, Diego Ceniceros, and Joan Moreno. 

Aside from a cash prize, Ms. Lujan praised the experience for what it will bring for her students. 

She expressed, “The kids get a professional experience of designing. It’s a portfolio piece they can use potentially and then have some professional experience working with a client.” 

Joan Moreno, a senior in CAA, said, “I needed something for my resume and stuff to fill up my portfolio. I want to be a creative director.” Joan said that he appreciated receiving feedback from real clients outside of school. “You’ll get more perspectives from people. You’ll definitely get multiple viewpoints about people’s work and where you can improve.”

Brandon Cordova, a 12th grader in CAA, said his experience in graphic design molded his pathway for professional work. “Say you’re walking out in public,” he said. “You see a lot of posters on walls and you see a bunch of billboards. You definitely get the idea and a more professional mindset of what graphic design truly is.”

Ms. Lujan spoke about the process and what was required for the students as well. She mentions giving the  students the requirements for the logo competition. For example the owner preferred a specific shade of blue to be used for  the logo itself.

Diego Ceniceros, a junior in CAA, shared more about the process. “I went through a couple sketches and then with those sketches I kind of based them off of other dry cleaners logos,” Diego said. “I created a small moodboard and then after that I started to work on Illustrator.”

Lidia Garcia Hernandez is hard at work digitally designing her logo. (Julie Vasquez)

Lidia Garcia Hernandez, CAA junior, shared her process in joining the competition. She said, “It’s something new. I’ve never done this before. I joined to see how I feel about it in the future. I think it’s pretty good.”

The Fancy Cleaners Competition also brings together Hamilton’s local community.

According to Ms. Lujan, “It helps the community. I love that it’s a community effort, that they’re involving us in this rebranding process. We would love to do more of this. That’s kind of a goal of ours, to connect real life applications into the classroom.”

Diego Ceniceros adds, “The contest, it sort of connected me to more options. My first designs outside of school were for a preschool not too far from here. With the help of Ms. Lujan, I expanded my options.”

The students all plan to continue their projects in graphic design. Joan Moreno said, “I actually want to make a mural in Bushwick, New York. It’s this place where artists all get together and make a bunch of art, and I want to make a mural there one day.”

The contest and graphic design class has uplifted these hardworking students to use their potential in a variety of ways. 

Lidia Garcia Hernandez said, “I joined it because it was fun but now being in here it’s something I think I want to do in the future. It feels good because I would think I can’t do this, but when I finished I realized that wow, I can.”

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