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Women’s History Month: Successful Female Students

Alexander Garcia
Highlighted students featured in group photo.

In honor of women’s history month, The Federalist would like to acknowledge successful female students at Hamilton High School. Success is subjective and we chose to celebrate these students for their accomplishments and achievements, whether it be competing on a varsity team or being on the cabinet of a club. We chose at least one student from every grade, and in the end we featured one freshman, three sophomores, five juniors, and nine seniors. Through this we hope to uplift our female students and acknowledge their talents and hard work, highlighting the achievements that they feel best represent themselves and their character. 

Tatiana (Tati) Cruz

Tati Cruz posing in photo provided.

Tati Cruz, a senior at SAS, shines as a student leader and athlete. With a flawless 4.0 GPA, Cruz holds positions as Senior Class Vice President and SAS Leadership Vice President, showcasing her dedication to her peers. On the basketball court, she’s been a key player since freshman year, contributing to streak-breaking wins against Palisades and sharing the league champion title with Westchester. Tati’s commitment extends beyond sports; she’s a Blue and Gold Scholar, tutoring both peers and foreign students. As Founder and President of the Interact Club, she leads community service efforts including beach cleanups and donations to the Children’s Hospital. Tati’s impact resonates across academics, athletics, and community service, making her a respected figure at SAS.

Megan Dinh

Megan Dinh poses in photo provided.

Megan Thi Dinh, a senior at SAS, is a standout leader and scholar. She founded and presides over Hamilton High’s Key Club and Fashion and Jewelry Club, demonstrating her commitment to service and creativity. Dinh also leads SAS Leadership as president and contributes her talents as Student Head of Costuming for the school’s theater program. Consistently on the honor roll for four years, she excels academically. Additionally, Megan conducts research for UCLA’s Developing Adolescent Program, where she authored an article on adolescent friendships, showcasing her intellectual curiosity. Her multifaceted contributions make her a respected leader within the SAS community.

Paula Jimenez

Paula Jimenez posing with Los Angeles firefighter.

Paula Jimenez, a senior at SAS, is a model of academic and extracurricular achievement. At Alexander Hamilton High School, she leads the Penn Model Congress club, fundraising nearly $10,000 for their activities. Currently interning at Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, Paula also participates in prestigious programs like the Princeton Journalism Program and Dartmouth Bound, aiming to diversify fields impacting democracy and assist low-income students in pursuing higher education. Additionally, her involvement in Cyber Patriot at Hamilton  and Junior Lifeguard at Algin Sutton highlights her diverse interests and commitment to community service. Paula Jimenez’s endeavors exemplify excellence, leadership, and service both in and out of the classroom.

Adriana Cano

Adriana Cano poses in photo provided.

Adriana Cano, a senior at SAS, has demonstrated exceptional dedication and perseverance both academically and athletically. Recently achieving honor roll status, Adriana’s commitment to maintaining high grades while juggling the demands of school soccer and club soccer exemplifies her strong work ethic and time management skills. Furthermore, her achievement of reaching the CIF semi-finals with her soccer team highlights her leadership and determination. Serving as captain of her JV soccer team in 10th grade and continuing in the role for her club team from 9th grade to the present, Cano’s consistent leadership on the field underscores her dedication to her sport and her team. Adriana’s accomplishments serve as a testament to the rewards of hard work and determination in both academics and athletics.

Elizabeth Morales

Elizabeth Morales posing in photo provided.

Elizabeth Grace Morales, a senior at AMPA, excels in diverse extracurricular pursuits, showcasing leadership and talent. With a year of Cyber Patriot participation, Elizabeth demonstrates a passion for cybersecurity, while her role as PR Manager for Banda Los Alebrijes and Hami Esports highlights her communication and marketing skills. In music, she serves as Morale Captain for the Marching Band and plays tenor saxophone in the Jazz B Band for four years, along with contributing to the Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble. Morales’s multifaceted achievements reflect her dedication to excellence at AMPA.

Laila Alarbesh

Laila Alarbesh poses in photo provided.

Laila Alarbesh, a senior at SAS, excels both in volleyball and the arts. Despite her relatively short time playing volleyball, Alarbesh has attracted attention from overseas schools and the Belize national team, with plans to expedite her citizenship for immediate participation. She’s achieved notable milestones, including becoming the first player at Hamilton High School to receive First Team All City in Division 1. Alarbesh’s artistic talent is equally impressive; she has won multiple art competitions and sells her work across various mediums, including custom clothing projects with celebrities and NBA players. Her hyperrealistic makeup and henna designs showcase her precision and creativity. Laila’s diverse talents and achievements mark her as a standout individual with promising potential.

Madeleine Bimat-Townsend

Madeleine Bimat-Townsend poses in photo provided.

Madeleine Bimat-Townsend, a senior at AMPA, demonstrates a passion for cultural awareness, theater, and childcare. As the founder of the Arabic club, she has dedicated herself to educating others about the rich cultural heritage behind the language throughout her high school years. Madeleine has showcased her theatrical talents through roles in four plays, including “Clue,” “A Piece of My Heart,” “Fools,” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” during her junior and senior years. Recognized as a leader in theater, she has taken on the responsibility of teaching younger high school students about the dedication and process involved in producing a play since her sophomore year. Additionally, Madeleine’s academic pursuits extend beyond the stage; she completed a semester of a college course in child development, applying her knowledge to her role as a babysitter. Through her diverse accomplishments, Madeleine exemplifies dedication, creativity, and a commitment to learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Janiya Woodard

Janiya Woodard posing in photo provided.

Janiya Woodard, a senior at AMPA, has been deeply involved in various clubs and activities throughout her high school years. From her freshman year involvement in the Women of Color for Activism club, where she discovered the importance of community within clubs, to her current roles as a Lady Yank Cheerleader and Public Relations member of the Senior Class, Woodard has shown a consistent commitment to leadership and engagement. Her dedication extends to her participation in the dance team, junior class, and Black Student Union, where she now serves as Scholarship Chair. Woodard’s diverse involvement reflects her passion for both personal growth and contributing to the school community.

Alyssa Serrano

Alyssa Serrano dancing folklorico in photo provided.

Alyssa Serrano, a senior in the BITA program, has been recognized for her outstanding achievements in sustainability and academics. She received the Local Hero Award for her contributions to sustainability, including donating over 600 pounds of produce to the Pico Food Pantry. Additionally, Serrano earned the AP Scholar Award for her exemplary performance on Advanced Placement exams. As the founder of Seeds of Change, she leads initiatives to promote environmental awareness and secure grants for water bottle stations. Serrano also manages Hamilton’s garden and participates in extracurricular activities like the Latino Student Organization and Baile Folklorico. Despite her busy schedule, she balances work and caregiving responsibilities for a family member. With a strong academic record, including a 4.29 UW GPA and a 3.97 W GPA, Alyssa excels in both academics and community engagement.

Joelle Hennington-Jeffries

Joelle Hennington-Jeffries posing in provided photo.

Joelle Hennington-Jeffries, an 11th-grade student at CAA, is deeply involved in advocacy and creative endeavors. Over the past two to three years, she has been actively engaged in Girls Build, CISLA, and Students Deserve, demonstrating her commitment to student advocacy within LAUSD. Additionally, she has dedicated herself to supporting the black community through participation in the Black Student Advisory Council and Black Women for Wellness for approximately one year. Notably, Joelle is the founder of Young Authors, a club aimed at providing a safe and collaborative space for writers at Hamilton’s campus, encompassing poets, authors, journalists, and more. Her passion lies particularly in her involvement with Students Deserve and Young Authors, where she advocates for student rights across LAUSD while fostering a nurturing environment for fellow writers. Joelle’s dedication to both advocacy and creative expression underscores her commitment to making a positive impact within her school community.

Kayla Pincus

Kayla Pincus posing in photo provided, shot by independent photographer. (Sam Steiner)

Kayla Pincus, an 11th-grade student at AMPA, is a multifaceted individual with notable achievements in music, activism, and basketball. With 16 years of singing experience, Pincus has collaborated with artists like and performed at prestigious venues such as the Grammy Museum. She is also involved in Makewaves Music, Hamilton’s student-run record label. In activism, Kayla is a key content creator for Resolve Los Angeles, a non-profit creating clothing collections for various causes. Her involvement in raising funds for issues like drug recovery and homelessness showcases her commitment to social change. Additionally, Pincus has enjoyed success in basketball, winning championships and earning honors as a point guard. Through her diverse accomplishments, Kayla Pincus demonstrates dedication, talent, and a passion for making a difference.

Arielle Jackson

Arielle Jackson posing in photo provided.

Arielle Jackson, an 11th-grade student at SAS, is a driven leader with a heart for service and baking. As Founder and President of the baking club @thesweetspot.hami, she has organized numerous drives for the homeless and donated to various charities. Jackson also serves as President of the Econ Club @hamiltoneconclub, focusing on fundraising for the homeless. In ASB, she oversees events and also led the planning for homecoming. Additionally, she holds leadership positions in the BSU and Teen Court, as well as Vice President of the Junior Class. Beyond school, Jackson shares her baking passion on her personal page @arielle_bakes, where she sells creations and shares tutorials. Despite her busy schedule, she’s also preparing for the SRLA marathon, showcasing her dedication to fitness. Arielle’s diverse activities reflect her commitment to community, leadership, and personal interests.

Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia posing in provided photo.

Ashley Garcia, an 11th-grade student at SAS, has achieved notable accomplishments that highlight her leadership and cultural engagement. As the director of the annual LASO Assembly, Ashley played a pivotal role in creating a show that celebrates diverse cultures, including her own roots in Jalostotitlan. Through her involvement in ASB and leadership at Summer Camp, Garcia has demonstrated her ability to lead and inspire others. Furthermore, her dedication to Folklorico dancing for nearly six years reflects her commitment to embracing and sharing her cultural heritage. Ashley’s efforts in directing the LASO show exemplify her passion for promoting cultural understanding and appreciation within the Hamilton community.

Jade Fort

Jade Fort posing in provided photo.

Jade Fort, an 11th-grade student in the BITA program, is a standout athlete with a remarkable basketball career. Serving as team captain for three consecutive years, Fort has been instrumental in leading her team to consecutive appearances at the state tournament. Notably, she played a key role in hosting Hamilton’s first-ever state game as an open-division team. With an impressive average of 22 points per game, Jade’s skills on the court have contributed significantly to her team’s success. Her achievements also extend to her freshman year, where she helped her former school secure a city championship. Jade’s dedication and talent make her a notable presence in the BITA program.

London Shoji

London Shoji posing in photo provided.

London Shoji, a sophomore in the Humanities program, boasts a diverse array of accomplishments across athletics, extracurriculars, and the arts. With a passion for sports, Shoji has participated in five different school sports, including two years of varsity volleyball, one year of varsity flag football, and one year of varsity lacrosse. Additionally, she has eight years of experience in soccer, with one year at the high school level, and has dedicated three years to swimming, both in and out of school. Beyond athletics, Shoji has been an active member of the Girl Scouts for six years, contributing to her community through various service projects. Furthermore, she showcases her musical talent through six years of playing the violin, demonstrating dedication and proficiency in the arts. Shoji’s well-rounded achievements underscore her commitment to excellence in various facets of her life.

Cesia Guzman

Cesia Guzman poses in provided photograph.

Cesia Guzman, a sophomore at AMPA, is a talented musician and athlete. With six years of experience playing the violin, she serves as the second violin section leader in Hamilton’s Chamber orchestra, earning prestigious performance opportunities at venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. Guzman also demonstrates her musical versatility as the vihuela section leader in Hamilton’s Mariachi Del Oeste, contributing to successful performances and fundraising efforts. Additionally, she expanded her musical skills by teaching herself to play the trumpet to participate in Hamilton’s marching band. Beyond music, Cesia showcases her athleticism as a right-back player for the Hamilton girls’ soccer JV team, highlighting her dedication to sports. Through her diverse talents and achievements, Cesia exemplifies a well-rounded student with a passion for music and sports.

Kennedy Saunders

Kennedy Saunders at a track meet.

Kennedy Saunders, a 10th-grade student at AMPA, boasts an impressive athletic and academic record. With a decade-long dedication to track and field, Saunders earned a spot on the varsity sports team as a freshman. Not only excelling in sports, but Saunders also demonstrated academic prowess by studying Aerospace Engineering at UCLA in the summer of 2022 and Trial & Law at Georgetown University in 2023. Now, with an acceptance to study Psychology & Neuroscience at Oxford University in the summer of 2024, Saunders continues to pursue excellence both on and off the field. Additionally, Kennedy is actively involved in the Fire Department’s explorer program, showcasing a commitment to community service while maintaining stellar grades.

Mayra Gonzalez

Mayra Gonzalez posing in provided photo.

Mayra Gonzalez, a freshman at AMPA, demonstrates remarkable musical talent and academic achievement. With four years of mariachi experience, she became the mariachi leader at her middle school in 2023. At the Music in the Parks Competition 2023, Gonzalez achieved notable success with her former school’s Jazz Band, Mariachi, and Advanced Orchestra, winning 1st place and best overall high score awards. Additionally, her proficiency in Spanish earned her recognition from the state of California with the Middle School Seal of Biliteracy and Recognition of Biliteracy in 2023. Despite her freshman status, Gonzalez’s accomplishments highlight her dedication and skill in both music and academics.

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