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Revolutionizing Baking One Allergen at a Time

Venus Cuevas
French Vanilla Cupcake from Starry Lane Bakery.

If you were to ask the average person if baking was a science, they would say no. Well, Starry Lane Bakery has proven them wrong with something as plain as a French vanilla cupcake. Their mission to provide a safe and enjoyable pastry to all, including people with food allergies and restrictions, has transcended the arts of baking and science alike.

One may ask how and to that question there is a simple answer: their cupcakes are delicious.

While this may seem unimpressive to the dietary abled, it is a miraculous feat for the nearly ten percent of Americans with a diagnosed food allergy. For them, the reality of this diagnosis is a hard, dry, and nearly inedible pastry. With many of the top ten food allergies being vital ingredients in traditional recipes and baking substitutes, it was nearly impossible to find both safe and delicious pastries for those with food allergies and intolerances. Well, it seems that their suffering ends with a single bite of a cupcake from Starry Lane Bakery.

Starry Lane Bakery’s French Vanilla Cupcake that doesn’t contain any of the top 10 food allergens. (Venus Cuevas)

Co-owned and operated by sisters Jaime Schwartz and Jennifer Schwartz, Starry Lane Bakery has brought allergen free magic to Hillcrest, California. After developing a fatal allergy to almonds and cashews, Jaime dedicated the rest of her career to creating safe and allergen free pastry recipes. Her years of dedication and determination have culminated into a feat of success, her French vanilla cupcakes.

A single bite of her French vanilla cupcake would joyously overload your senses with its delicate yet vibrant taste. When one imagines a dairy, egg, and gluten-free cupcake, they picture a dry, brittle, and sandpaper-like concoction. Starry Lane Bakery’s French vanilla cupcake shatters that perception one moist and flavor filled bite at a time. This mouth-watering delicacy would have even the dietary abled reconsidering veganism for a moment. For those restricted by allergens and intolerances, it would show you that the allergen riddled cupcakes at the supermarket were never worth the stomachache and rashes. Starry Lane Bakery has changed the game, one allergen free delicacy at a time.

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Venus Cuevas
Venus Cuevas, Print Editor-in-Chief
Venus Cuevas is the print edition editor-in-chief for The Federalist. They are a 12th Grader in SAS at Alexander Hamilton Senior High. Venus covers whatever they deem interesting and important to share as an article. They are interested in math, film, music, and literature. You can share feedback and story ideas with Venus through email at [email protected] or on Instagram @federalistathami.

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