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Partial Solar Eclipse Graces Hamilton Campus

Venus Cuevas
Partial eclipse seen in Los Angeles.

For the first time in over 5 years, Los Angeles witnessed a partial solar eclipse as it passed diagonally through North America. Fortunately, this phenomenon unfolded visible to the Hamilton Campus, with the precaution of using specially designed protective glasses.  

Starting at 10:06 am and ending at 12:22 pm, the eclipse was short and unseen by the naked eye. However, many students gathered between periods 3 and 4 to sneak glances at it using glasses. While some had to sneak, others turned it into a class activity. One example is APES and Marine Biology teacher, Ms. Kleinmaier, taking her class outside to see it. 

SAS Seniors Ashton Jumawan (left) and Caroline Tamayo (right) watching the partial solar eclipse through special eclipse glasses. (Venus Cuevas)

Despite being such a special occurrence, it was reportedly underwhelming for many students. Piper Kaps, a junior in Humanities, states “It would have been so much cooler if we were in Houston and had a full blackout.” 

SAS junior Elvis Leal had similar thoughts. “I had gone through an eclipse before,” he comments. “Although it was interesting to look at, I was hoping for a more full eclipse and when it didn’t even cover half the sun, I was mildly disappointed.” 

On the other hand, some students enjoyed it despite it being subtle. “I get how some people would be disappointed but it’s still a very cool astronomical event.” said SAS Junior Ami Nunez. 

Hamilton students witness solar eclipse during fourth period. (Arisa Thomas)

Although reactions varied, with some finding the event underwhelming, others appreciated its rarity. The partial solar eclipse left a lasting impression on those who took the time to observe it safely, offering a glimpse into the wonders of the cosmos. As SAS Junior Ami Nunez noted, “It’s so unique on a universal scale, it’s like a stroke of random chance that they align.”

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