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LAUSD breakfast: Start your day off right

Here at Hamilton High School, near the cafeteria, all students can get breakfast during nutrition. Students can line up and enjoy their early meal. There is always a high demand for the school’s breakfast, so you will usually see a long line. I usually wait until the line gets shorter, but sometimes the food that was served at the beginning runs out. When this happens, the school offers backups such as yogurt or cereal. It is disappointing when you don’t get the item you wanted, which makes me wish that schools would stock more breakfast options for students to choose from. The food reviewed below shows the range of foods available through LAUSD breakfast within a week. It’s a good start, but we should have more options available.

The first breakfast I will be reviewing is the chocolate muffin. I’m pretty sure this is a new item added to the menu because in previous years I never saw it. The muffin had a soft taste in the inside with melted chocolate chips spreading out the chocolate nicely. Overall it’s a 6/10. The apples as a side were really juicy and tasty. I love pairing the milk with the muffin.

The chocolate muffin (Mark Patricio Joaquin)

The next item is the French toast. It has a nice crust on the outside and the inside has a nice soft texture. Pretty plain but it’s still tasty. It’s a 6/10. Something I would recommend LAUSD to improve this item is that they should add powdered sugar and syrup to go with it.

LAUSD’S French toast (Mark Patricio Joaquin)

The breakfast quesadilla is another recent addition. The quesadilla consists of cheese and bits of sausage cubes with a nice soft tortilla covering the ingredients. I was blown away by how good it was, but it was missing something that makes most breakfast meals: eggs. If eggs were in this, I’d give it a 10/10, but since they are not, it’s an 8/10. The orange was very juicy and tasty, 8/10.

Breakfast quesadilla (Mark Patricio Joaquin)

Arguably the best item on the menu is the bean and cheese burrito. This burrito has been the most successful breakfast for LAUSD, considering it has been around for more than a decade. I remember trying this as a kid and I would always love to eat two if available. The packaging is truly iconic—I don’t think it has ever been changed. The ingredients are already stated on the packaging, with beans and cheese wrapped in a nice soft tortilla. Truly a 10/10.

The bean and cheese burrito (Mark Patricio Joaquin)

Last but certainly not least: coffee cake. Maybe LAUSD’s most successful breakfast. Like the burrito, it has been around for over a decade for a good reason. The coffee cake has a nice top layer that is primarily the cinnamon sweet spot. The rest of it is very soft and tastes like coffee. A good pair with the coffee cake is milk. These two items can definitely fill up anyone, making it a 9/10 breakfast. 

Coffee Cake (Mark Patricio Joaquin)

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Mark Patricio Joaquin is a columnist for The Federalist. He is an 11th grader in BIT at Alexander Hamilton Senior High. Mark is interested in other people's opinions on the topics he covers. You can share feedback and story ideas with Mark through email at [email protected] or on Instagram @federalistathami.

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