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Girl group IVE doesn’t disappoint at the Forum

Angel Hernandez
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On March 13, I went to see my favorite girl group IVE’s concert. It was held at the Kia Forum in Inglewood. The group has six members in total: An Yujin, Kim Gaeul, Naoi Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Kim Ji Won (Liz), and Leeseo.

I arrived there at 3 p.m. and the concert started at 8 p.m.  Since I got there early, I went straight to the merch line before everything sold out. The prices threw me off a little—a world tour shirt was $45, not including taxes. I ended up buying it, because who knows when they’ll be back and it was my second concert I attended. Waiting there for five hours was horrible. I was filled with so much excitement that I had to keep moving around because I was so happy that I would see IVE soon. Time went by pretty fast though, especially because I met people who were nice and we talked about how we got into IVE and what our favorite songs are.

Yujin hitting her high note during ‘I AM’ performance (Angel Hernandez )

They opened the doors to the venue at 7 p.m. and I was so excited. Once I got to my seat, I couldn’t believe my view. It was absolutely breathtaking. I sat on the second floor, dead center to the stage! That got my heart racing. Around 8:15, the venue played “Kitsch,” a well-known IVE song, and once they got to the chorus, they blasted the song and everyone started yelling with excitement, and that’s when we knew the group was coming out soon. Not even a minute after the song finished, their intro video played and the performers started walking to the extended stage. It felt so surreal. Everyone was yelling. Seeing IVE on the big screen made it seem like a dream—they all looked so ethereal! IVE’s intro song was ‘I AM,’ my absolute favorite song, and everyone in the crowd (including me) sang along with them. Hearing their live vocals was so amazing because all of them have stable vocals even while dancing. They sang back to back to back songs: I AM, Royal, and Blue Blood. They changed the instrumentals of Royal specifically for their world tour. Also hearing Blue Blood in person was amazing. Their duality is insane. They can go from a cute vibe to a dark and evil vibe in an instant.

IVE performing “Off The Record” (Angel Hernandez )

They continued to perform the rest of their “IVE I’VE” album, which won a “daesang,” or grand prize, in the Korean Melon Music Awards, and it was so good! Hypnosis, Blue Blood, Kitsch, and I AM were definitely my favorites songs performed from this album. IVE also performed their singles Eleven, Love Dive, and After Like. It was a dream come true seeing them perform their “Song of The Year,” Love Dive. It won the grand prize (daesang) a total of four times.

Yujin asking the audience if they’re ready for the next song (Angel Hernandez )

The last song they performed, or so we thought, was After Like. It’s such a good song. IVE left the stage and a few people started to leave, but a majority of people stayed, and so did I. They came back out with different outfits and gave an encore performance. Once they finished the song, they gave speeches thanking us for supporting them! They then told us that they will be performing their first English single, “All Night.” Everyone in the crowd sang along, but eventually the song came to an end and they left. I wish the night lasted longer.

IVE performs ‘All Night’ as their encore performance (Madeleine Sandberg)

Overall, this concert was so amazing! I will never forget it. I will definitely go to their concert again whenever they come back!

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