Urinal cakes: A solution to the smell


In today’s school, many kids need to use the restroom from time to time, and one of those utilities in the male restroom is the profound urinal. The ones within our school are easy to use, but many are abused in one way or another. From placing vape pods into the urinal, to being covered with trash bags due to damage. But one of the main issues of these restrooms is the smell that stays there, an overall horrible smell. There is an option I can see to at least solve this problem, and that is the use of urinal cakes. 

You may have seen these cakes in your local movie theater, mall, and most public areas. Now what exactly are these cakes? Their true name is urinal deodorizer block, and their main purpose is to disinfect. The other major use is to mask the odor in urinals. The actual pricing of the cakes is the major issue. They are roughly 30 bucks a piece and just within the lab building there are at least 21 urinals. The amount of times you can use a urinal cake is roughly 5,500 and with around 1300 boys at Hami, I can see all the urinals being used 20 times a day. Most likely, urinal cakes would need to be changed every month, at a cost of around $600 per building.

This may be too expensive for our school budget, and that’s the reason we haven’t seen this change. However, I think the cost is worth it. It would allow people to not feel distaste in the restroom and refresh us for our day at school. Hey, anything is possible, it’s just a flush away from happening.