Alpinestars, cars, and coffee: Car show review


I’ve been going to car shows for about five years now. It’s where everyone brings their cars and displays them. A lot of the time the most well-known drivers go on cruises on mountain roads. It’s a thing car enthusiast do to enjoy time with each other. We express our love and passion for these thousands of pounds of metal on wheels. It’s our hobby that we love. We do everything we can to make it grow world wide and make it more know to the public.

Alpinestars Cars & Coffee is one car show that is unique and interesting. It includes many different vehicles and merchandise to look at and enjoy. I found it to be a very welcoming show with many great people involved. Alpinestars had an inventory sale, with many accessories for racing needs. They even went ahead and showcased some of their sponsored cars such as this Porsche 911 race car. There were many more cars that they had on display for their event. But this Porsche 911 really stood out like a sore thumb.

Many of the other cars that attended were employee’s sponsored cars. There were many cars that showcased styles of building, from drift, track, race and show car styled builds. The majority of the cars were built for track use or race use. These cars run a gutted interior with lighter wheels and sticky tires. This isn’t the only thing they upgrade on their car when it comes to track use. They would also change out the suspension for a stiffer setup. This change would also be required if you were adding aero upgrades. This upgrade would put more downforce which would put more load on to the car and the suspension. This Miata and Mini are great examples of simple track/daily cars.

Car meets are a great way to meet new people, and to find new ideas and goals. It can bring a lot of inspiration to a new goal in life, or even a new look for your car. In my experience I’ve met amazing people in the car community just by going out to shows and talking with others. It’s a great community with many great people to meet.

The car show everyone was waiting for this year was RadWood Socal. RadWood is an event that happens around the U.S. Everyone comes along and brings their old 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s cars to the show. They showcase all the forgotten legends and remembered ones. There were so many great builds, and many great people there too. I talked to the owner of this beautiful Porsche 944 Turbo.

This was one of many cars that were in the loyalty parking and display. Many others brought their company cars to show their in-house-made car parts. It allows the people to see what they are buying and the quality of work they are paying for. Here’s another tastefully done Mazda Rx7 FD. Everything was so simple but OEM+. Nothing was popping out or making you focus on one

thing. The entire car was a masterpiece. The all black look was perfect and fitted the car’s body style. Towards the other side of the loyalty parking and display they had a Porsche Transaxle Takeover. This idea was made and done by CRE down in San Diego. They are a Porsche transaxle specialist that rebuild and fix porsches to get them back on the road to drive again. They have done amazing work to many 944s and 924s.

I was lucky enough to be a part of this gathering and even have my car worked on by the guys at CRE in San Diego. I was able to bring my 1985.1 Porsche 944 and display it with all the other amazing 944s. Overall this car show hosted by Radwood SoCal was amazing and couldn’t have been any better in my opinion. If I were given the opportunity to do this again I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.