George Gomez: Fake it til you make it.

For George Gomez, performing isn’t something he’s quite yet used to. This was only his second big performance ever, the first being the AMPA/BSU talent show the day prior. George described his performance using the phrase “Fake it til you make it.” He was nervous and overwhelmed due to last minute changes in his set list and the unexpected inability to make it to the show from those he originally planned to perform with. “I know for sure that I could’ve done better, but since it was my second time on stage I don’t think it was half bad.” George explained he was also affected by his inexperience using equipment. “I feel like using a microphone was a struggle for me because I usually just sing, you know? I never really need to use a mic and making sure not to make it sound distorted was a worry for me.” Luckily, this experience hasn’t discouraged him and he does plan to gain more experience. The show wasn’t all bad for him, as he still had lots of fun alongside Sherlyn, the guitar player. He got to sing his favorite song “Ship to wreck” and especially enjoyed the second half of the song, when he became more comfortable. With practice and an increase in confidence, he is sure to grow into an admired musician. 

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