Tr3: Yeat who?

The first thing to stand out about this artist was his very fun energy. He was the first to encourage people to gather around the stage and easily engaged and interacted with the audience. Surprisingly, he confessed that his confidence at first was only a facade. “I was nervous going into it, but the moment I stepped on stage I felt like everything, like all my fears, disappeared.” 

Discovering it was his first time on stage personally shocked me as he seemed so comfortable being there in front of everyone. Reflecting back, he seemed to have had a good experience, especially with all the support he got from the audience. “Even though I forgot the lyrics, I wasn’t embarrassed about it. It’s my first time, I’m gonna make mistakes.” The mistakes he speaks of went unnoticed or insignificant to many. “Yeat who?” Two audience members commented, establishing him as above Yeat, a well-known rapper. 

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