Why I love the rain

Mark Patricio Joaquin, Columnist

Each year rain will always hit us, and many love it or they hate it. I say rain is actually good for our earth’s environment in many different ways. My fellow columnist definitely has a different point of view. Clouds are made of water droplets and when they have too many droplets they get heavy, which then causes rain. Rain plays a huge role in our ecosystem, which I honestly think is proof enough that it’s a positive force. Rain also  provides help agriculturally and electrically. There are plenty of  reasons why rain is good for the earth.

A little rain is always a good thing for the agriculture industry and, since those crops eventually become our food, the world as a whole. A little rain helps benefit crops and fields. Rain helps plants and crops by soaking the soil. When this occurs, the nutrients and minerals are freed for the roots to absorb, which causes them to grow faster. This helps the farmers put out their products quickly rather than waiting a long time. Unfortunately I will admit there can be consequences with too much rain, but those are still pretty rare here in California

Rain can also be good for our electricity. When raindrops hit rain energy generators, the components create a closed loop system.When raindrops are in clouds, they have potential energy, which is converted to kinetic energy when they fall. Raindrops’ kinetic energy then turns into electrical energy which can be used for many electronics.

Most importantly, we are much better off with rain than without it. Without rain, earth and all the ecosystems within it would be much worse off. People and animals rely on rain each year so we don’t have a drought and the environmental problems that are associated with it. Without rain there would be a limited water usage rule that people would have to follow in accordance with the hypothetically limited water supply. Water shortages would harm the environment by reducing the soil’s moisture, which would cause the plants and crops to die out. An environment like that would make the animals’ lives miserable.

 My fellow columnist may have a different opinion, but rain’s benefits to the earth proves it is good.