The consequences of the rain

Angel Hernandez, Columnist

Rain can affect everyone in various ways. It can either be negative or positive.  I say rain is actually bad because of all the negative effects it has.

This past month we have been getting tons of rain, causing floods and causing the power to go out in certain areas. This issue of electricity can be frightening. Floods have been a problem for a lot of people,  stopping people from leaving their homes and causing them to possibly miss work due to these floods. This is disheartening since a lot of people can’t afford to miss work because they need to provide for their loved ones.

Rain also causes soil erosion. It removes soil particles and causes the soil to deteriorate. This is a problem because it removes the most valuable part of the soil, which is the most productive part, for agricultural purposes. This is really bad for people because when the wind carries this dust, not only is it bad for us but it can carry up to 20 infectious diseases, some being anthrax and tuberculosis. Anthrax would damage organs and this can cause hemorrhagic meningitis and from that comes death. 

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death, and the rain doesn’t help. The aforementioned floods cause smaller cars to get stuck. Rain makes it even riskier for people to drive, with windshield wipers constantly messing with their vision. Rain also decreases a vehicle’s performance when driving. No matter how much rain there is, even the smallest amount can mess with the tires’ traction. Rain also is one of the main reasons there is traffic, which makes it worse since LA’s traffic is no joke. This is a problem because tons of people have their parents drop them off at school or at a different location. Meaning that a student or whoever is late and that person is getting in trouble for a reason that wasn’t even their fault.  

I think people like Mark should look at the bad instead of the good because many people overlook the bad.